Boost your bottom line by tracking your sold vehicles and making sure that the buyers can’t skip town with your asset. Why spend your valuable time trying to recover a vehicle when a buyer violates a contract and stops paying? Change the way you operate and sleep better knowing that your portfolio is protected!

Before letting a buyer leave your lot with a vehicle add GPS tracking and control capabilities so that you are able to recover the vehicle if they stop paying.

  • Track the exact location of the vehicle at any time
  • Disable the car starter upon non-payment
  • Fast-track your collections process
  • Help your customers to be more honest and reliable


The GPS tracking devices we provide are low profile and simple to install. When a vehicle is purchased the device can be installed and then removed when the loan period is complete. The device is tracked in real time and you can control the vehicle starting ability when payments are missed. This allows you to be able to control the asset without resorting to repossession unless it is absolutely necessary. If repossession is necessary, the GPS tracking allows you to expedite the process. Connected via a high-speed CDMA premium network you can be assured that your vehicle is within reach if the buyer defaults on their loan agreement.

The GPS tracking device will be the best investment you make as a car dealer. When you are offering subprime financing this device will give you the oversight you need to reduce your risk.


  • Get Accurate, Real-Time GPS Tracking 24/7 with any Internet-connected Device
  • No Activation Fees,  Contracts, or Termination Fees
  • Powerful Anti-Theft Features Include Disabling Vehicles Starting System With The Click Of A Button ( With Optional Starter-Kill Relay)
  • Email and Text Message Alerts | Speed, Geo-Fence, Battery etc….
  • Powered by Easy-to-use Google Maps Interface

Sentinel Tracking Device


The all-new Sentinel makes professional-grade GPS tracking a snap.

  • Extremely easy to use, this tracker has completely done away with external batteries, cases, and wires.
  • Easy to hide – wireless charging and three internal magnets with over 80 lbs. of pull, this tracker mounts flush to the frame of a vehicle making it virtually unnoticeable.
  • Long battery life – featuring a built-in accelerometer that only tracks when a vehicle or asset is moving, preserving battery life has never been easier, lasting up to 1 year.
  • Compact size  – it’s easy to take it anywhere and attach to almost anything.

Finally, a professional-grade GPS tracker that’s easy enough for anyone to use!

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