Car Connection

Connect with your car like never before.

Imagine being able to connect and communicate with your family’s vehicles each day. Knowing how fast or aggressively your teenage son is driving. Whether your daughter is using her cell phone in the vehicle, and you being able to restrict it. What if grandpa’s car could alert you whenever he drives outside of a predetermined safety zone.

Imagine knowing precisely what needs repairing when that frustrating “Service Engine” light comes on. Think about the money you’d save being able to verify your mechanic’s diagnoses. All of this — and so much more! — is now made possible with the innovative known as Car Connection.

Fuel Savings

fuel_economyMonitors daily driving habits and generates reports. Gives fuel savings tips.

Vehicle Health

vehicle_healthKnow what your mechanic knows before you go for service.

Driver Scoring

driver_scoringMonitor drivers habits. Great for coaching new or aging drivers.

Restrict Phone Usage

restrict_cellphoneSmartphone app for Android and Blackberry to limit texting while driving.

Vehicle Location

vehicle_locationKnow where your vehicle is, or where it is heading. Track online or from a Smartphone in real-time. Notifies you if your vehicle has been towed or moved.

Safety Zones

safety_zoneKnow where and when your teen or aging driver travels. Set boundaries and receive notifications and alerts when a boundary is breached.

What makes Car Connection possible…?

product_handA smart two—way communication interface is created when you plug Car Connection into your vehicle’s OBII port, which is located under your dash. Once you’ve plugged in Car Connection, and registered your vehicle online, it beings sharing vital information with you that immediately improves your safety and security and that of your loved ones each day.

You can ask for reports that score driver habits for aid in safety coaching, conserving fuel and reducing insurance rates.* Track vehicle location on your laptop or tablet. Help authorities locate your car if it’s stolen. Have instant alerts sent to your smartphone when drivers exceed geofence boundaries that you pre—set. You can even request diagnostic reports on vehicle health and preventative maintenance — for tires, brakes, shocks and more.

Lot Spot™

Ever come out of the ballpark and forget where you parked? Spent too much time in the mall shopping? With Car Connection’s Lot Spot feature you can always get walking directions back to you vehicle, ensuring you will never forget where you parked again.